The Planes of Saltair

Saltair Aircraft Leasing has an impressive selection of rental planes that are excellent for both beginner and advanced pilots. Our convenient location in Hickory, North Carolina at the Hickory Regional Airport provides access to Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Cessna  172N




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Our Cessna 172 is a favorite among many renters for several reasons: It is one of the most popular, most-produced aircraft in history, it serves as a great primary training aircraft, and has more than 800lbs of useful load. Many also like it for its mild and predictable flight characteristics. Come and try it out for yourself!




Remos GX  LSA


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Saltair Aircraft has two Remos GX planes available for rental and instruction. The Remos is a full composite high-wing light-sport aircraft with seating for two.  It comes equiped with the Dynon glass panel option, which includes a Garmin 496 GPS that makes it a great plane for both light-sport and private pilot training.





Piper Archer III  (PA28-181)



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The Archer III is a low-wing piston single-engine airplane with a tricycle type landing gear. With 180 HP, four seats, A/C, Garmin G600 glass panel and dual Garmin 430 WAAS GPS’s, this is the perfect plane for training in VFR, IFR, or just taking an enjoyable cross-country flight!



Cub Crafters Sport Cub (CC-11)




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Your tailwheel experience can be discovered in this high-winged, tandem seat aircraft. This plane also falls under the Light Sport category. It has conventional landing gear, and is equipped with transponder, GPS, and Comm radios for navigation ease. This aircraft can be used on or off of a grass strip. Come and experience your stick and rudder skills as you challenge your sense of adventure.