SaltAir’s Fleet

At SaltAir Aircraft Leasing INC, we boast in our impressive fleet of aircraft. Available for use in flight instruction as well as for rent. Our convenient locations in Hickory, North Carolina at KHKY and Morganton, North Carolina at KMRN provides easy access to students & renters from Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and the Blue Ridge Mountains!

If you already have your pilot’s license and wish to rent one of our aircraft you will need to fill out or print this form & contact us to set up a time to meet with the manager Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm anytime prior to your flight.

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Piper Archer III  – N87W

Our Piper Archer III, located in Hickory, NC is a low-wing piston single-engine airplane with a tricycle type landing gear. It has a 180 HP engine, four seats, A/C, Garmin G600 glass panel and dual Garmin 430 WAAS GPS’s. With its predictable handling, simplicity, good looks, nice interior, and well-stocked panel, the Archer III makes an excellent entry-level airplane for new pilots training VFR. It is also a great airplane for training IFR! Take the Archer III on your next cross-country flight at a rental rate of $165 per hour.

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Cessna  172N – N79514


The Cessna 172 Skyhawk, located in Hickory, NC is the ultimate training aircraft and the most popular single-engine aircraft ever built. With forgiving flight characteristics, great visibility, slow landing speed and a forgiving stall – the Cessna Skyhawk is a flight training favorite ideally suited for student pilots. At a rental rate of $145  per hour come and try it out for yourself!

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Remos GX – N119GX

SaltAir offers you this fun, safe, easy to fly Light Sport Aircraft engineered and handcrafted in the North-Eastern part of Germany. The Remos GX, located in Hickory, NC, offers the latest in style, comfort, cockpit innovations, and safety features. Having extreme docile flight characteristics, it’s flight controls are very light and responsive. Between the responsiveness and well-balanced structure, these aircraft have outstanding maneuverability. With a cruise speed of 100 kts, the Remos GX holds its own in cross-country performance. Exceptional visibility gives you a great flight picture; making your flight easier and more enjoyable. At a rental rate of just $115 per hour this is a great little plane to take out for a spin.

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Cessna 172M – N63SA

Our other Cessna 172 Skyhawk, located in Morganton, NC appears brand new, with new leather seats and paint job this aircraft is ready to take you on your next adventure. Also, with Cessna’s forgiving flight characteristics, great visibility, slow landing speed and forgiving stall you won’t have too hard of a time learning to fly this plane. With a rental rate of $145  per hour come and try it out!

Cessna 172N – N16VC

Our newest Cessna 172 Skyhawk, N16VC is located at Statesville Regional Airport ( KSVH). The Cessna 172 is an excellent aircraft for flight training.  N16VC rents out for $145 per hour, includes fuel.

Redbird TD BATD

Come try out our simulator!

It is located in the SaltAir Office in the upstairs of the FBO building. The primary advantage of this basic avation training device is your ability to log approaches for instrument currency. However, there is many uses for the device including lessons primary students can use on it via the STEM program from Redbird. This program allows students to watch a short video, then start a simulated flight where they proceed to put into action what they learned. Doing so can allow students to graduate sooner with less total flight time needed to complete their flight training. Teaching in an ATD can be more productive as well due to the fact that there are not as many distractions and whenever something needs to be discussed in depth there is a pause button unlike our actual aircraft. Rental rate for our BATD is $50 an hour.