Learn To Fly!

Pilot Training and Aircraft leasing and rentals

Saltair Aircraft Leasing is located at the Hickory Regional Airport in the Foothills of the Western North Carolina Mountains. We offer pilot training with our team of experienced instructors, and an impressive selection of airplane rentals. Whether you are looking to rent a plane for the weekend or just getting started with your Pilots license – we are here to help.

“I want to learn to fly!”

Future pilots have made this bold statement for decades. We at Saltair Aircraft Leasing, Inc., can help facilitate that dream. With our fleet of aircraft and experienced, trained professionals, we can teach you the fundamentals of safe flying so you can experience the joy only flying can bring for years to come.

“I need to rent an airplane!”

Look no further! Saltair Aircraft Leasing, Inc., has a fleet of aircraft for all of your renting needs, and a crew of experienced pilots from which to choose, should you need them.

Have a question? Give us a call at (828) 962-0211 or email us!