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SaltAir works in close relationship to these top-notch instructors. They are all independent instructors with their own specialties and talents. If you want to learn to fly, you have come to the right place to find the best instructors around! Contact us today to inquire about their availability!


CFII - Brett Miller
Email: | Phone: (980)-616-2023

Hello, my name is Brett Miller and I’m a CFI/CFII who loves to fly. I started flying just 3 years ago at the start of Covid. I got all my ratings with ATP Flight school in concord and did my CFI with SaltAir. I’m a graduate from The Pennsylvania State University. Flying is an amazing feeling and absolutely my passion in life. I’m here to help you learn and flight instructing should be fun and challenging. I want you to enjoy your time in the air but at the same time be safe! I look forward to helping you reach your dreams and really soar to new heights.

CFII - Meredith Dillard
Email: | Phone: (828) 291-9455

CFI, CFII, Commercial Single and Multiengine land rating. 
My passion for flying began at a young age in the copilot seat of my dad’s Cherokee. My life course shifted a little bit and I found my way back to flying in 2020. One of my favorite things about flying is the connections it brings you. The aviation community has led me to meet some of my best friends. I became an instructor in 2022. I love watching students light up when they get something right, and helping people accomplish lifelong dreams. My goal as an instructor is to teach confident and capable pilots who truly enjoy the craft. 

CFII - Dalton Sanderlin
Email: | Phone: (984) 212-0607

CFI, CFII, Commercial Single and Multiengine land rating.  
I come from a family of flying. Although my logbook may only show I’ve been flying for two years, I’ve been in the cockpit my entire life. I’ve flown everything from small tail wheel bush planes to big single engine turboprops and jet trainers. I’m passionate about flying anything and everything I can get my hands on and enjoy sharing that passion with others. I find that a fun focused teaching style best helps students succeed.

CFI - Shannon Moon
Email: | Phone: (828) 461-3987

Shannon has loved airplanes and flying since she was a small child. She learned to fly in Florida and earned a pilot license in her senior year of high school. She is a Harvard alumnus, and holds multiple engineering and technology degrees, including a doctorate in Computer Science. Her doctoral thesis focused on Affective Computing and Flight Simulation. She currently lives at NC26, an airpark on Lake Norman. She owns and flies a Searey amphibious taildragger and a vintage straight tail Cessna 172, and a PW-5 Glider. She also has multiple (certified) flight simulators. Shannon is a Commercial pilot, with Instrument, Single-Engine Land, Single-Engine Sea, and Glider ratings (endorsement include glider self-launch & aerotow, taildragger, and high performance). Shannon started out teaching as a CFI Sport Airplane, but later “upgraded” to a traditional CFI Airplane and CFI Glider. She currently has about 1100 hours. Shannon plans to add a CFII in winter or 2021, and her multi-engine (land/sea/instructor) ratings in 2022. Shannon enjoys teaching part time in the early mornings/evenings during the week and on weekends. She plans to retire from her role as a Computer Scientist at the Walt Disney Company in February of 2024, and transition to a professional pilot and CFI career full-time to focus on her greatest passion: flying!

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